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Intelligent, professional, and extremely cordial. I Highly recommend Anthony if you’re looking for high quality work at a great value.
— Collin Thompson, MD & Co-Founder, Intrepid
It was excellent working with Anthony. His work fit the brief perfectly, was delivered on-time and he was communicative throughout. Would highly recommend him and will work with him again.
— Elizabeth Barry, Global Fintech Editor, Finder
Anthony really knows his stuff, he’s very quick and you can expect great quality in his deliverables.
— Arnav Kumar, CEO & Co-Founder, Slicebread
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I’m a freelance fintech writer and content marketing specialist who creates high value and impactful content for fintech and blockchain companies. I have worked with some of the largest financial institutions in the world and leading tech companies to identify and communicate real insights that drive thought leadership, build trust, and attract customers.

The high-value content pieces I create receive thousands of views, but they deliver more than just eyeballs and leads. They are also used to produce a stream of other marketing materials like presentations and videos for customers and investors. They are equally as useful within an organisation, helping to crystallise product or service offerings, market position, and strategic direction.

Services: White papers, reports, ebooks, articles, case studies, copywriting, content planning and strategy.

Areas of expertise: Payments, E-commerce, Banking & Financial Services, AI, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Digital Transformation.


I have experience creating high value fintech content in different formats - white papers, reports, articles, and more.

3D Secure 2: Quick Guide

Blockchain & Crypto Hype Cycle: Where We’re at and What’s Coming Next

Dynamic Routing Vs Static Routing in Payments

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Cybersecurity & Financial Institutions

Views from industry players and the cyber nation.

Bridging Social & Banking

Why banks must use social to capture the millennial-driven mobile P2P money transfer market.

Winning in a Post P2P World

Why banks must rapidly enhance their mobile banking experiences or face a declining presence in the European payments market.

Bitcoin White Paper Made Simple

A guide to understanding the Bitcoin White Paper for people without an advanced degree in computer geekery.

Payment Switch Architecture Explained

Metabase Blockchain

A blockchain platform to build, scale, and monetize next generation businesses.

Ethereum White Paper Made Simple

A guide to understanding the Ethereum White Paper for people without an advanced degree in computer geekery.

Enterprise Payment Hubs: A Key to Hyper-growth Success

What’s the Difference Between Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology?

A quick and simple answer to an important question.


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